$20,000 Prize to 1st Person to Complete This Haunted House

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – If you can make it through the country’s scariest haunted house, McKamey Manor, you’ll get $20,000.  But so far, no one has done it.  There are two locations: one is in Huntsville, Alabama and the other is outside Nashville, Tennessee.

It’s called “survival horror theatre.” The actors can touch you, your clothes get damaged, and some of the tours can last up to ten hours. Each tour or show is different, based on your own fears, and they only do one a week, year-round.

Here are the requirements:

-You must be 21+, or 18+ with parent’s permission
-Complete a “sports” physical
-Doctor’s letter stating you are mentally and physically cleared
-Pass a background check
-FaceTime or phone call screening
-Proof of medical insurance
-Sign 40 page waiver
-Pass drug test day of show

Click “play” on the video above to watch the Edge panel discuss whether they would give McKamey Manor a try.