Learn how to warm up your car this winter with N Charlotte Toyota tips

Are you looking forward to winter? Cooler temps, holidays, and the possibility of snow are all right around the corner, as well as holiday travels to see loved ones and celebrate. However, with the positives of the upcoming season come a few negatives – namely, how cold it can get and how miserable it can be to wait for your car to warm up when you’re ready to hit the road. Toyota of N Charlotte is here with tips!

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Should you warm your N Charlotte Toyota up?

It’s always been the great debate whether or not it’s really necessary to warm up your car. Our take on it? If your car is newer, it’s probably not necessary. New rides like our N Charlotte Toyotas don’t require time to warm up because the engine is ready to roll as soon as you start the car, and the interior gets toasty pretty quickly (especially if you have heated seats). However, older vehicles can benefit from a few minutes of warming before you take to the streets. So if you drive an older car or jut like to play it safe, check out our N Charlotte Toyota tips below!

1) Remember that you only need a few minutes.

You don’t need to let your N Charlotte Toyota run for an extended period of time to get the engine warmed up and the cabin comfortable. Rather, you can let it idle for a few minutes to get things rolling and you should be ready to hit the road when driving in winter. Any longer and you’re not accomplishing anything except wasting gas!

2) Never warm your ride up in a closed garage.

Never warm your N Charlotte Toyota up in a closed garage – period. This leads to a buildup of dangerous carbon monoxide inside the garage, which can then leak into your home. Carbon monoxide can be fatal when inhaled and it’s also colorless and odorless so you won’t even know what’s happening until it’s already affecting you. Always leave the garage door wide open if you need to warm your car up in there.

3) Be careful of leaving your car unattended.

Some vehicles have a self-locking feature. Basically, if the car is left unattended for a few minutes it’ll lock itself to prevent theft. If you’re warming your car up and this happens without you in the driver’s seat, it can be a big problem. Make sure you’re aware of whether or not your car has this self-locking feature and plan accordingly. Additionally, think on the other end of the spectrum – if you’re planning on warming your N Charlotte Toyota up and leaving it unlocked, keep a close eye on it to prevent theft or carjacking.

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Schedule your winter service today

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