A UNC Charlotte Shooting Survivor Returns To The Kennedy Building

CHARLOTTE, NC.– a UNC Charlotte shooting survivor returns to the Kennedy building, six months after the campus tragedy that claimed the lives of two classmates. School officials are still deciding the future of the room where the shooting happened.

For 20-year-old Drew Pescaro, part of moving forward was coming back to the Kennedy building.

A gunman opened fire inside Kennedy 236 on April 30th. Pescaro was shot in his lower back, an inch from his spine. Riley Howell and Reed Parlier were killed. Three others were hurt.

“I literally remember saying out loud like I was just shot. I said it, it was almost like unbelievable,” says Pescaro.

The junior spent 27 days in the hospital and had three surgeries. He couldn’t eat for two weeks, and couldn’t walk. Today, physically he is doing well.

“Obviously I’m still battling it mentally, but the thing is I’m battling it mentally in I’d call it a healthy way.”

Pescaro says he’s seeing a campus therapist every week, working through the pain. Another coping mechanism–using his platform on Twitter to speak out.
He plans to honor Reed and Riley by speaking for those who can’t speak for themselves.

“Now I want to be more of a public advocate for gun safety.”

Pescaro would like to see Kennedy 236 become a memorial. He’s also helping to plan the one year anniversary remembrance. He says that includes an event in uptown with the Charlotte Symphony.