Keanu Reeves Steps Out With Age-Appropriate Girlfriend And Internet Loses Its Mind

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Keanu Reeves steps out with an age appropriate girlfriend and the Internet loses its mind. We have worked hard to ignore this story all week because how could it possible be news that Keanu Reeves is dating someone age appropriate, but here we are. Thursday, and it’s still in the news.

They made a public appearance together last weekend and the Internet lost its mind. Keanu is 55-years-old and his girlfriend, artist Alexandra Grant is 46-years-old.

The part that is really blowing people’s minds, though, is that Grant also looks like she is 46. She has silver hair and her face moves as though it has not been pulled and poked and filled and botoxed.

On Lights Out with David Spade, comedian Whitney Cummings says, “She’s still younger than him! This is so crazy that this is a news story. The fact that this is a news story is wild. It might as well just be a guy in Hollywood is not a pedophile. One guy! One guy! You don’t get points for that.” She also says, “But also everyone thought it was Helen Mirren.” And, “In Hollywood, if you’re over 30, you’re Helen Mirren.”

Our question of the night: Does Keanu’s new girlfriend surprise you?

This episode’s panel features:
Fox Sports Charlotte radio host and comedian QCB
WCCB news reporter Alexandra Elich
Comedian Jonathan Williams