Governor Roy Cooper Vetoes Teacher Pay Bills


CHARLOTTE, NC. —  It’s back to the negotiating table for North Carolina lawmakers. Governor Roy Cooper vetoed teacher pay bills.  He’s asking Republican legislators to work with him for higher salaries for teachers.

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Association of Educators says they stand with Governor Cooper. Friday, he vetoed the pay-raise bills that included teacher raises of 3.9 percent over two years, including step-increases for longevity. The bills also included a 2 percent raise for non-instructional staff.

Teachers say that’s not enough.

“I’m not sure our legislatures in Raleigh understand how much teachers are spending out of their own pockets on classroom materials,” says CMS teacher Justin Parmenter.

Senator Joyce Waddell says the raise the majority offered is unacceptable.

“They’re paying attention to corporations, tax cuts for the wealthy, ignoring teachers. We cannot have this,” says Senator Joyce Waddell.

Republican senators Harry Brown, Kathy Harrington and Brent Jackson released a statement saying in part:

“We gave the Senate Democrats one more chance to show they support teachers. Instead, they’re backing Gov. Cooper’s Medicaid ultimatum. It’s clear that Democrats are intent on blocking any and all teacher raises so they can turn around and blame Republicans.”