New Numbers Show More Suspects Are Cutting Off Their Electronic Monitors

CHARLOTTE, NC. —  There’s no sign of a repeat offender who cut off his electronic monitor in southwest Charlotte. CMPD has been looking for Scottie Wilson since Monday. New numbers show more suspects are cutting off their monitors.

Former Mecklenburg County Superior Court Judge Richard Boner says electronic monitors are not being used the way they were intended.

“A mis-reliance on ankle monitors on being the primary way of controlling these folks while they are out awaiting trial,” says Judge Boner.

The latest numbers from CMPD show more suspects are cutting off their electronic monitors:

-118 so far this year.

-120 in all of last year.

-82 in 2017.

Chief Putney has said electronic monitors are not stopping violent, repeat offenders from committing serious crimes.

“We always hear about vacancies in the jail and there are plenty of people who need to be there while they await their trial so they can’t continue to victimize our most vulnerable,” says Chief Putney.

Spencer Merriweather has told WCCB he would like to see preventative detention used for more crimes in North Carolina. That’s where a judge does not have to set bond.

Judge Boner says the bond system needs to be adjusted, “We ought to look at requiring high secure bonds for people who are repeat offenders.”