Crime Concerns After People Forced Their Way Into Two Apartments In Steele Creek

CHARLOTTE, NC. —  There’s crime concerns after people forced their way into two apartments in Steele Creek. Neighbors believe the same men have targeted the Colonial Village at South Tryon Apartments before.

Sometime between November 1st and Monday, suspects kicked in the door of this vacant apartment, according to a police report. The report says they broke in, causing damage inside.

“I live upstairs, like all he had to do was go upstairs and kick a door into the left and he would have been in my apartment,” says one woman who lives there.

Police say someone forced their way into another vacant apartment Wednesday night.

The woman believes the same people tried to force their way into several other apartments on Holliswood Court this month.

We checked and there have been nearly 200 crimes reported within a half-mile of the complex over the past five months. They include assault, burglary, stolen cars and larceny.

The leasing off tells WCCB the break-ins are isolated incidents, and they know who the suspect is, possibly a teenager.

CMPD says there are no arrests.