Superhero Heels of Charlotte: Handbags, Heels and Horsepower at the Charlotte Auto Show

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – From businesswoman, to assistant police chief, to the mayor: different jobs, different women, but, still, the same “sole” purpose: to feel confident and comfortable in the shoes we walk in every day.

Ione Rucker co-owns Rucker Roots, a natural hair product line that’s been featured InStyle, Essence, Good Morning America, The View and more. Rucker shows off a pair of neutral stiletto pumps with rhinestone embellishments, “These are my go-to heels…they’re Christian Lacroix.”

When Rucker and her sister are taking meetings in New York, Atlanta, and here in Charlotte, heels play a role. She says, “When we go into those meetings, we definitely like to put on our power heels, it’s usually a pump.”

Charlotte Mayor Vi Lyles says, “The most important thing about shoes is that you have to feel both confident and comfortable.” She says a pair of silver pointed toe booties check both boxes. Lyles says, “I try to look for a shoe I can walk in for 10-12 hours a day, because that’s how long my day usually is. but also shoes that if someone sees them, they say, ‘she’s about business, she’s about getting things done.'”

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Assistant Police Chief Vicki Foster says, “If it’s something where I want to feel powerful and I wanna feel like I am the boss, then yes, I do like kinda have those go-to shoes.” At police headquarters, Foster showed off her newest power shoes: a pair of black patent leather Louis Vuitton boots. She says, “You definitely want to be comfortable. The more comfortable you are, the better your day is, for sure.”

WCCB Charlotte’s Ashley Anderson and Morgan Fogarty are also shoe lovers. Anderson says, “I love to buy interesting, funky, maybe even weird shoes sometimes. That’s like a talking point, right?” Fogarty adds, “There is something about putting on a pair of high heels that does make you feel more powerful, or more confident, when you walk into a business meeting or an event.”

The Charlotte Auto Show’s Handbags Heels and Horsepower event is Thursday, November 21 at the Charlotte Convention Center. It starts at 8AM and runs til 11:30AM. Tickets are $45, and proceeds benefit the Isabella Santos Foundation, which fights children’s cancers.