Who Leads This Panthers Team?

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – What a difference a week can make. Last Monday, we were talking about how the loss in Green Bay wasn’t all that bad, and we hung in there, and Kyle Allen did a lot right. And here we are this Monday wondering what the heck happened Sunday at The Bank.

The Panthers lost, miserably so, to the worst team in the NFC South. Atlanta is 3 and 7. On Sunday, the Panthers scored 3 points. The Falcons scored 29.

What happened? Is it a leadership issue? The old guard is gone, more or less: Cam Newton is out for the season. Thomas Davis plays for a different team. Ryan Kalil is in New York. Christian McCaffrey is playing really well, but at 23 years old, can he really be expected to rally this team?

The Charlotte Observer’s Scott Fowler writes: “Is he the best running back in the NFL? Yes. Is he having the sort of year that, on a better team, would warrant more serious MVP consideration? Yes. Yet, here are the 5-5 Panthers, scoring three points despite McCaffrey’s 191 total yards Sunday…” And, “McCaffrey is having an unforgettable year. Unfortunately for him, he’s having it for a forgettable team.”

Here’s what Coach Ron Rivera said today about rallying the team: “You’ve gotta understand the psyche of your team, and psyche of each individual. And some guys you do have to coddle, other guys you have to kick in the seat of the pants. And hopefully it gets them going. And we’ll see what happens.”

With so many veteran players more or less gone, our question of the night: who leads this Panthers team?

This episode’s panel features:
WCCB News Edge Contributor Ashley Anderson
Two-time Super Bowl champ and former Pittsburgh Steeler Jeff Reed
Fox Sports Charlotte Radio host and comedian QCB