The World’s First Injectable Male Contraceptive Is Almost Here

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – The world’s first injectable male contraceptive is almost here. But do men want it? The New York Post opened their article with a sentence that sums it all up: would men endure a shot in the penis to prevent pregnancy?

Some researchers think the answer is yes. The Indian Council of Medical Research has successfully completed a clinical trial on the world’s first injectable male contraceptive. The Hindustan Times reports that now, it’s been sent to India’s version of the FDA for approval.

The shot lasts for 13 years, and is designed to replace the need for a surgical vasectomy. It has a 97.3% success rate and no side effects. Researchers in the US are working on something similar, but it’s not as far along.

There are other male contraceptives in the works, too. There’s a hormonal option, where a topical gel is applied daily and suppresses sperm production. About 400 couples are testing it in nine cities across the world. The gel was developed in the USA. And history suggests male birth control pill studies started as far back as the 50s, but never went anywhere.

In the United States, it’s reported that almost half of pregnancies are unplanned, which many people would argue signals the need for more, and better, options.

Our question of the night: do men want more birth control options?

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