Monroe Car Salesman Goes Viral, Hoping Wacky Moves Improve Car Sales

MONROE, N.C. —  A Monroe car salesman has gone viral for going to great lengths to get you to buy a car.  Salesman and comedian Dee Allen says he just wants to make his customers laugh.  And, now, nearly a million people across the world are doing just that.

The next time you’re traveling along busy Highway 74 in Monroe, you might see Allen and his crazy moves on the side of the road hoping to lure you into his dealership.

“I’m selling cars and just making people laugh while doing it,” says Dee Allen, salesman with Union County Kia.

He didn’t have one of those wild inflatables you might usually see waving you to come on in, and he didn’t need it.  Allen says the idea for the unique performance came to him in a dream.

“I had a dream the night before of me doing it, and I laughed out my sleep and I was like I’m going to try that,” he says.

Allen posted the video to social media Wednesday and it spread like wildfire.  Thousands of likes and shares, and more than 940 thousand views.

“It just went, it went crazy,” Allen says.  “It’s a dream come true really cause I always wanted to make the world laugh.”

“He told us he was a rock star when he came in, he knows people and has a following of his own already,” says Brandon Patterson, Sales Manager, Union County Kia.

Even his co-workers are catching on, attempting the now popular ‘Inflatable wave’ dance.

Allen says he honestly hasn’t sold many cars since posting the now viral video, but he’s hoping that will change.

His true dream is to become an actor and comedian.