Mother Asking For Public’s Help After Delivering Baby In Charlotte Airport

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A woman who gave birth at Charlotte-Douglas International is out of the hospital, and the family has finally reached their destination to Pennsylvania. It was an experience of a lifetime for the now mother of three.  But now, she’s in need of help.

Never would the Tampa mother have imagined “Baby Sky” would make her debut more than 500 miles away from home–and in an airport!

Nereida Araujo’s water broke 20 minutes before the plane landed in Charlotte. She and her husband went to the bathroom and when she returned, she knew immediately the baby was on the way.

“They asked was there anybody on board that was in the medical field or had any experience in the medical field,” says Araujo.

A woman dashed over to her seat to help with her breathing and to calm her down.

After the plane landed, medics loaded Araujo onto a stretcher and they exited the plane. As she was wheeled through the boarding bridge, she realized the baby was coming right then. Literally minutes later, mom, along with complete strangers standing around, welcomed little 5 pound and 7 ounce Lizyana Sky Taylor into the world, delivered by paramedics.

The trip was important to her family because they wanted to visit their sick grandmother in Pennsylvania.

Sky’s sweet face will no doubt lift her spirits.

Doctors advised the new mother not to fly back home because Sky is so young.

The family created a GoFundMe page to collect money for a rental car to travel back to Tampa from Pennsylvania.