Accused Charlotte Priest’s Brother: Nephew Made Sexual Abuse Claim

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – We’re learning new information about the sexual abuse allegations against a Charlotte priest.

Father Patrick Hoare is on administrative leave from St. Matthew Catholic Church in Ballantyne.

Hoare is accused of sexually abusing a boy in Pennsylvania 25 years ago.

Father Hoare’s brother, David, tells WCCB Charlotte that the accuser is the priest’s nephew. David Hoare describes the allegations as, “totally false and inaccurate.”

He says Father Hoare is “not well, extremely upset,” and “he’s beside himself, inconsolable,” about the allegations.

In a letter to parishioners, Bishop Peter Jugis says the victim reported the allegations on Sunday. The diocese put Father Hoare on administrative leave on Monday.

Hoare’s brother tells WCCB Charlotte the accuser, now in his mid-30’s, reported the allegation to a social worker.

Hoare’s brother claims the nephew has “extreme mental disabilities” like schizophrenia.

“If anything, he tried to help him,” David Hoare says.

The only known accusation is the one out of Pennsylvania.  In his letter, the Bishop says there are no known accusations against the Father during his time at St. Matthew.

Bishop Jugis also says in his letter, the diocese will refer the allegation to its law review board for internal investigation and a determination of credibility.

These allegations come as the Charlotte Catholic Diocese works to release the names of any local priests credibly accused of sexual assault. That’s expected by January.

The diocese says it’s been working on a comprehensive list for some time, but names have never been made public.

In his letter, the Bishop says Father Hoare denies the sexual abuse allegation and administrative leave is standard procedure and does not imply guilt.