New Hampshire Becomes Latest State To Implement “Infant At Work” Program

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Starting January 1st, New Hampshire will allow state employees to bring their baby to the office from the time they’re six weeks old until they’re six months old. The state’s Republican Governor calls this program “a game changer.” Governor Chris Sununu says it is in part designed to counter the aging workforce and incentivize young families to move to New Hampshire, and stay there.

Sununu’s office also points to research that shows the longer parents can stay with their infants, the better, for bonding, brain development and parental well being. He told NBC Boston, “It’s all just about providing flexibility. Young families, they want flexibility, they want to know that they’re not in it alone. It’s a new idea, we tend to push the envelope a little bit here in New Hampshire, that’s kinda what this is all about.”

Democratic State Senator Cindy Rosenwald isn’t sure it’s a great idea. She told NBC Boston, “Why is even a workplace a good, healthy environment for an infant? I mean, look around here.”

NBC Boston reporter Katherine Underwood says, “The governor admits this initiative is not going to work for every single state agency. He laughed today when he said ‘You know we’re not going to have babies in snow plows and state police cruisers.’ That is why each agency will have to opt into this initiative.”

Arizona, Kansas, Nevada, Washington and now New Hampshire have Infant at Work programs. We want to know: would you support Infant at Work programs in the Carolinas?

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