Parents Rally After Councilman’s Complaints Lead To CMS Teacher’s Suspension

CHARLOTTE, NC – A CMS teacher of the year suspended with pay after concerns are raised by Charlotte City Councilman Tariq Bokhari. Other parents at Selwen Elementary school say the decision is an injustice since the teacher has been cleared of any wrong doing.

In full disclosure – this story involves the wife of a WCCB Charlotte Sales department employee.

“My faith in CMS and Selwyn is shaken because of this,” said Sunny Kheireddine.

She was brought to tears while talking about the impact her son’s teacher, Lecia Shockley, has had on her son’s life.

“Just blown away about everything that has happened,” said Kheireddine, “I mean shes just an exemplary teacher. ”

She says Lecia Shockley, a first grade teacher at Selwyn Elementary held students accountable. and expressed genuine care for their well being.
But last month, the class parents received a letter from the school saying Shockley would not be returning.

“My initial reaction was disbelief,” said Mark Cantey, a former Selwyn parent.

He says Shockley was a positive influence on his son’s life.

“I want her to get her life back,” said Cantey.

CMS suspended Shockley this month after Charlotte City Councilman Tariq Bohkari complained that his son had been mistreated. The school then initiated a police investigation.

According to a police report, Shockley was accused of simple assault dating back to early September to late November. The complainant alleged that Shockley “aggressively grabbed the victim several times.”

CMPD cleared Shockley of any wrong doing, the report says allegations were unfounded and the case closed.

Shockley is still suspended with pay.

In a lengthy email to class parents obtained by WCCB, Bokhari said he and his wife,  “completely understand your frustration of being without a teacher..”

Bokhari goes on to say that they decided to tell the school principal about the problems after learning another student was allegedly treated similarly.

In a later email, the Bokhari’s wrote that “over a period of several months, our son reported incidents of behaviors that we felt was inappropriate.”

The Bokharis wrote that they looked for solutions for months and “things didn’t get better, and in fact they got much worse, where we could no longer sit by.”

The email goes on to say that they were never involved with or briefed on the internal CMS investigation.

“Any suggestion otherwise is absolutely false, lacking evidence, and nothing short of slander,” wrote the Bokharis.

WCCB Spoke with Tariq Bokhari by phone on Friday and he declined to comment at this time.

Meanwhile, upset parents say they just want their teacher back.

“This is an injustice to a teacher. It’s an injustice to a whole class of first grade students,” said Kheireddine.

The Bohkaris have encouraged CMS to speak publicly about the issue. According to an email from a CMS spokesperson, the school district will not be commenting on a personnel issue.