Local Man Panhandling To Spread Joy On New Years Day

CHARLOTTE, NC. —  A Charlotte man panhandled at a busy intersection on New Years day. Instead of begging, he was giving!

Walter Williamson was panhandling at the intersection of the Brookshire and I-85. His sign said:  “I hope you win all 2020! You’ve got this.

Williamson gave five dollars to anyone who would talk to him.

“Every time you turn on the news you see something bad. So just to take everybody’s mind off something. Just a little diversion and give them something nice to start the year with,” says Williamson.

He says he’s paying it forward.

“If it wasn’t for people giving to me along the way, I wouldn’t be anywhere. Pretty much you have to pay it forward.”

Williamson is hoping to create a domino effect.

“Giving people the option, just maybe the opportunity they wouldn’t even have thought about doing something nice for someone. Maybe it will just pass on to somebody else.”