Charlotte’s Violent Crime Being Called A Public Health Issue

CHARLOTTE, NC. — Growing frustration from Mayor Pro Tem Julie Eiselt after city council once again tries to curb violent crime in Charlotte.

“We have the homicide task force report from 2005, we have the criminal justice report from 2008, they’ve made all of these recommendations and here we are again talking about the same thing on a different day. So when’s it going to change?” says Eiselt.

This time, the city is using an evidence based approach. Meaning, scientifically tested methods proven to be effective. This comes after a violent 2019 with 107 homicides.

“This is our reputation issue now. When we define it like this it’s something all of us need to be a part of,” says Mayor Vi Lyles.

Data from CMPD crime analysis was presented to council Monday during a strategy meeting. It shows 8% of violent crime happens in two square miles of our city.

Mostly in four specific areas:

-I-85 and Sugar Creek Road.

-Beatties Ford Road and LaSalle Street.

-Nations Ford and Arrowood Roads.

– Central Ave. and Sharon Amity Road.

Guns are involved in 80% of the city’s homicides. The data shows much of the homicides are happening because of minor arguments between young men. Moving forward, CMPD is recommending the city use a violence interruption program. It’s where someone not involved in government can mediate an argument to prevent it from escalating.

The main takeaway from the meeting, police can’t do it alone.

Next, the community safety committee will analyze the data and come up with a strategy.  Then they will meet with county leaders to see how they can  collaborate.