Vermont Senator Introduces Bill To Ban Cell Phones For People Under 21

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – People under the age of 21 aren’t developmentally mature enough to use or own cell phones. That’s the argument from a senator in Vermont who wants to ban the devices for people under 21. WMAQ-TV reports the the Democratic Senator introduced the bill this week. Violating the bill, if it became law, would carry a $1,000 punishment, or a year in jail, or both.

Senator John Rodgers makes the case that young adults under age 21 in Vermont aren’t mature enough for tobacco, firearms or alcohol either, and that the same logic should apply to cell phones, which contribute to teen driving deaths, bullying and radicalization.

He says he introduced the bill to raise conversation, and doesn’t expect it to pass. He says he probably wouldn’t even vote for it.

But would you?

Our question of the night: should people under 21 be banned from owning or using cell phones?

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