Aerial View Gives Closer Look at Damage Caused by EF-2 Tornado in SC

KERSHAW COUNTY, S.C. – We’re getting a closer look at the damage caused by an EF-2 tornado in South Carolina. The twister tore through a high school campus, ripping off part of the roof last Saturday night.

The twister tore through North Central High School, ripping off part of the roof last Saturday night.

“I’d be very surprised if classes return here, even next school year,” says Kershaw County Superintendent Shane Robbins.

Adding to the destruction, rain has left most of the inside of the building wet.

“My overall reaction to this is just shock,” says former student Tyler Faulkenberry.

Alumni continued to return to the school Monday to see what’s left.

“It hits hard, you know, this was like my second home, lot of friends made,” Faulkenberry says.

Members of the South Carolina State Guard have been called up to help protect the property.

“Every year, it’s usually the hurricanes that we go and we help assist. It’s, damage is everywhere, it’s horrible. So we are used to this, but this is the first tornado in a long time that we’ve actually worked,” says Major Jason Ross.

The community, thankful no one was hurt when the tornado came through.

Now, much of what’s left are memories.

“For four years, I was on that field, this field, and in that gym, for four years…. It’s just so many good memories, and now just one big bad one,” Faulkenberry says.