Charlotte Knights To Extend Protective Netting At BB&T Ballpark

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — The Charlotte Knights are extending the protective netting at BB&T Ballpark.  The baseball organization says the netting will extend farther down the first base and third base lines to keep fans more protected.

A 6-year-old suffered a fractured skull after being hit by a foul ball at BB&T Ballpark in 2016.  The child, James David, was sitting in the front row behind the dug out on the third base side of the stadium when the ball hit him in the head.

After quickly being rushed out of the stands by his mother, James was admitted to the hospital for what ended up being a fractured skull and bleeding.  Luckily, James David has recovered from his injury.

The Charlotte Knights open the 2020 baseball season in Durham as they take on the Durham Bulls on April 9th.  Their first home game will be on April 16th against the Durham Bulls.  You can purchase tickets HERE.