Neighbors Taking A Stand Against Rezoning Proposal For Hundreds Of Homes

CONCORD, NC.– Neighbors in Concord are taking a stand against a rezoning proposal. A developer wants to build 300 homes on a property off Odell School Road. Residents say Odell School Road is already congested and worry it will get worse. Concord Resident Trent Marlow says there has been over 125 accidents on a three-mile stretch of Odell School Road in the last two years.

Developer M/I homes wants to rezone 275 acres across the street from Marlow’s property for 300 homes.

The request is to rezone the property from Residential Low Density, which is two homes per acre, to a Residential Village.

“Which means they could have up to eight houses per acre.”

Former teacher Rose Beam has lived in the area for 35 years. One of her concerns is overcrowded schools.

“The classrooms at Harris Road are up to forty students per classroom. Forty. You cannot teach forty students,” says Beam.

Neighbors say the area has already become too dense.

“You’ve got a put the infrastructure in first. Once you do that then you can develop it correctly. When you let everything just let them build, build, build and you don’t do anything for roads or schools then there’s an issue,” says Marlow.

Concord Planning and Zoning will vote to either approve or deny the request to rezone Tuesday at 6 pm at Concord City Hall.  Dozens of neighbors plan on attending the meeting.

A little over a year ago, a developer wanted to build hundreds of homes not far and the commission rejected it. Neighbors are hoping for the same outcome.

WCCB reached out to the developer and emailed all the members of the Concord Planning and Zoning committee and did not hear back from either of them.