The Snark: Going Beastie with Kelce, Baby Daddies, a Cold Campaign Trail, Exciting Research, and Happy & High Idahoans

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Last night was a rough night for Derek because his Packers didn’t make it through to the Super Bowl, but Travis Kelce with the AFC Champ Kansas City Chiefs turned into a Beastie after his team won.

On 90 Day Fiancé we find that one set of brothers have a lot in common…they have to use both hands to count.

How cold was it on the campaign trail?  Pretty dang cold for Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.

Cancer researchers say that by 2050 almost no one under the age of 80 will die from cancer…there is only one problem with that research.

People in Idaho are more than happy that they live next to the pot selling state of Oregon…some are just happier than others.

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