Amy Schumer Lets Her Ex-Boyfriend Live With Her And Her Husband

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Three’s company comes to life! Comedian Amy Schumer’s ex-boyfriend, Kyle Dunnigan, revealed that he still lives with Schumer – and her husband Chris Fischer. And the two are still working together on an upcoming TV show. If you’re curious to know what life is like, living with a former girlfriend and her husband, Dunnigan explained it recently to Howard Stern.

“When I first got there, I was very like, ‘Oh you don’t have to do that.’ I got so entitled within two days, and like, the soap was low, I’m like, ‘Why is the soap low?’ I had to check myself,” says Dunnigan.

Howard Stern asked, “How long (have) you been in her apartment?”

Dunnigan replied, “I’ve been there for a month and a half.”

“Jeez, and she’s not pissed off, like, you’re not leaving?”

“No. She’s been very cool.”

“You have your own room?”

“Yeah, with a marble bathroom.”

“And you don’t run into her husband?”

“We bro out, and play chess. And all the food is really good and free.”

Our question of the night: would you let your ex live with you?

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