Hundreds Of PSL Owners At Bank of America Stadium Are Losing Their Seats

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Hundreds of PSL owners at Bank of America Stadium are losing their seats. Some PSL owners are not happy. The first eight rows on the west end of Bank of America Stadium, nearly 900 seats, gone. Making way for 14 bunker suites. Each can fit 12 people.

“Number one, I want to let everybody know we’re calling every single impacted account individually. It’s about 380 accounts,” says Vice President of ticket sales Joe LaBue.

PSL owners have the option to move their seats to any available lower-level seat in their current PSL location at no extra cost. Or they can move to a more expensive location, but it will cost more.

PSL owners are speaking out. Sanford, NC attorney and longtime PSL owner Chas Post tells WCCB, “I think that as far as the view of the game, they may be better, the new ones!” He also says, “They (the Panthers) say they’re going to somehow provide us with the actual physical plastic seats that we sat in in our previous section, that have been ripped out.”

LaBue says the project has been in the works for more than a year. So why were PSL owners just notified Thursday? LaBue says, “We didn’t know how many PSL owners were going to be affected. We also wanted to make sure that when we did this, we had all our T’s crossed, all our I’s dotted.”

LaBue wouldn’t say if any other seats will be removed. A source close the project tells WCCB Charlotte there will be more suites at the other end zone.

“Think of three to four rows of plush, comfortable seating. Sort of the best amenities you’re going to have out in the seating bowl. Coupled with the best F and B we have here at the stadium. They’ll be all-inclusive,” he says. LaBue confirmed what WCCB Charlotte first reported earlier this week, that the suites will be open-air, with an air conditioning option.

Fans in the bunker suites will be able to watch the players run out to the field in a new tunnel with a glass wall. Construction will continue through July, even while other events are held at the stadium.