Dog The Bounty Hunter Proposes To His Deceased Wife’s Best Friend

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – 66-year-old Duane “Dog the Bounty Hunter” Chapman is no stranger to the media. He’s made a career in television for chasing down bad guys in Hawaii with his entire family. But now, ‘Dog’ is being criticized because after seven months of his wife, Beth, passing from cancer.

In a shocking new video tease for his Dr. Oz appearance, Dog proposes to his deceased wife’s best friend and family friend, Moon Angell.

So our question of the night: cringey or congrats after Dog the Bounty Hunter proposes to dead wife’s best friend?

This episode’s panel features:
Matt Harris from The Matt and Ramona Show on 107.9 The Link
WCCB News Edge contributor Ashley Anderson
Fox Sports Charlotte radio host and comedian QCB