A Super Bowl Ad Puts A CMPD Officer Back In The Spotlight

CHARLOTTE, NC. — Former CMPD officer Tyler Klemas was on bike patrol when thousands were in the streets during the Charlotte unrest in 2016.

The viral moment shows Sgt. Chris Frunzi and peace activist Ken Nwadike embracing. A moment included in Budweiser’s new “Typical American” ad.

“No matter what is going on in the world, good, bad or indifferent. Race, politics, anything. Something good can come out of it,” says Klemas.

Nwadike and Sgt. Frunzi have become friends, working on various community projects together.  Nwadike started a GoFundMe page for the officer. Sgt. Frunzi’s oldest son is in remission after doctors diagnosed him with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. The officer’s other son is receiving chemotherapy for a cancerous brain tumor.

“I have small children of my own. Just imagining what he’s gone through and the community outreach that has come to help him has been tremendous.”

The GoFundMe has raised nearly $34,000. Klemas shared in on Twitter to spread awareness and tagging  Budweiser.

“To see if they would back the message that they play in the commercial. In hopes that they would step up and really contribute to the Frunzi family.”

Budweiser has not responded to  Klemas about his request to help.