CMPD Animal Care & Control Announces 2020 Adoption Goal

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Animal Care & Control Division (AC&C) is asking for the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Community’s continued support as they continue the push for a 90% Save Rate or what is often referred to in the Animal Welfare Community as *Live Release Rate (LRR) or reaching a *“no-kill” status.

CMPD Animal Care & Control Announces 2020 Adoption Goals.

  • Record adoption numbers achieved in 2019.
  • Save rate continues to increase despite the population growth in Charlotte-Mecklenburg.
  • AC&C asks for continued support from the community to ultimately reach the goal of 90% or Greater Save Rate.
  • The save rate YTD for 2020 is 89%.

The info graphic provided below tracks the progress for the past nine years. In 2011, AC&C’s save rate (LRR) was 35.1%. In 2019, it increased to almost 80%. This number represents how many of the animals entering the shelter are leaving in a positive manner: adoption, transfer to rescue group, returned to owner.


It’s important to know that an *open admission municipal shelter’s animal intake usually follows a similar increase trend to the city/county human population. Continuing to increase the save rate, which in turn means the euthanasia rate is dropping, is considered a huge success; especially considering the rapid rate at which the Charlotte-Mecklenburg community is growing. More humans equal more pets living in our community and the likelihood that more animals will enter the municipal shelter.

In 2020, the goal is to minimally reach 82% Save Rate (or LRR). This is not just an AC&C goal, this is a goal set for the community as it takes everyone helping to reach these life-saving goals. The incredible success thus far is credited to everyone working together to make Charlotte-Mecklenburg a better community for pets and people.

Ways you can help:

Adopt. Donate. Volunteer. Share Social. Foster. Spay/Neuter. Microchip. Staycation. Daycation. Keep Pet ID tags on your pet.

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Live Release Rate

No-Kill Status (Courtesy: Best Friends)

A 90% total save rate for all animals in a shelter system is a simple, effective method for measuring a community’s progress toward no-kill. It’s an important metric, and it’s used in service of a core goal: saving the life of every animal who can be saved. Overall, the number of pets who are suffering from irremediable medical or behavioral issues that compromise their quality of life and prevent them from being re-homed typically does not make up more than 10% of all pets entering the shelter system.
Open Admission Municipal Shelter

Must accept all stay animals and owner surrendered animals in their county regardless of age, health, color, breed, temperament, or adoptability.

Typically run by local government and funded by taxpayers’ dollars.

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