Hips And Hair And Heat: Was The Halftime Show Too Much Or Not Enough?

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – The internet is full of mixed reviews after Shakira and Jennifer Lopez’s Super Bowl to the Kansas City Chiefs, beating the San Francisco 49ers 31 to 20. But move over fellas, it’s time to talk about the ladies: Jennifer Lopez and Shakira.

They brought the fire, sex appeal, and costume changes with their 14 minute performance. It was Shakira’s 43rd birthday, and the mother of two, opened the show with a rendition of “She Wolf” and later brought out rap sensation Bad Bunny.

After six minutes of Shakira lighting up the stage, the one and only Jennifer Lopez busted into the building with an Empire state of mind! She sang a medley of her throwback hits, “Jenny from the Block”, “Ain’t It Funny”, and “Get Right.”

But the game changed when the 50-year-old mama of twins cascaded around a dance pole to her hit song “Waiting for Tonight.” The Latin pop divas ended the night with a dance-off and won the hearts of fellow celebrities. Kim Kardashian congratulated the divas, saying they shut it down. And even Jeb Bush joined in, saying it was “the best Super Bowl halftime show ever.”

Alas, you can’t please everybody. The internet was ripe with criticism too, with comments like, “Great if you’re at a strip club. No place for this at a Super Bowl halftime show.” And, “debaucherous & ungodly to say the least.”

Our question of the night: was the halftime show too much or not enough?

This episode’s panel features:
Fox Sports Charlotte radio host and comedian QCB
WCCB News Edge contributor Ashley Anderson
WCCB News @ Ten anchor Drew Bollea