Jessica Simpson Spills All The Tea In Her “Open Book” Memoir

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Jessica Simpson’s new memoir, Open Book, is out right now and while she is on her press tour, she is proving herself to be just that: an open book. Let’s take a look at some of the bombshells the shoe designer has revealed about her past public relationships: we’ve learned that singer John Mayer broke up with her over email because he was afraid she was cheating on him with Tony Romo.

Simpson also revealed that while filming her hit MTV reality show Newlyweds with then-husband Nick Lachey, did not lead to the end of their marriage.

When a reporter recently asked Lachey for his thoughts on what his ex-wife wrote about, he replied, “I’ll be honest. I obviously haven’t read the book, so I don’t know what she said or what she revealed. But certainly happy for her and her life. I know she is happy for us and there’s definitely a mutual respect there.”

Our question of the night: would you read a book that your ex wrote about you?

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