The Snark: Matt’s Cats, Drunk Tattooing, a Housewife’s Dog, Katy’s Gardening, Madonna’s Offer, and a Lesson on Drug Dealing Organizational Skills

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On Meet the Frasers we find out how Matt and his girlfriend, Alexa, celebrate National Shower with A Friend Day. Note:  a cat is not always a friend when you throw them in the shower…those paybacks can be nasty.

Cat hater Madison from Below Deck Sailing Yacht thinks she is really smart when it comes to getting a drunk tattoo.

For the dog lovers…we visit the Real Housewives of New Jersey and can’t help but wonder what this dog is thinking.

Britain’s Prince Charles may be looking for a new gardener thanks to Katy Perry.

Speaking of the royals…Prince Harry and Meghan are getting an offer from Madonna that they might want to think twice before accepting.

A Florida drug dealer may think twice about his organizational skills.

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