Edge On The Clock: Booze Flows From Apartment Building Pipes

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Everybody in the club getting tipsy! An apartment complex in India was treated to a booze elixir flowing from its faucets after alcohol that was buried in a pit nearby seeped into its pipes. It was a concoction of beer, brandy and rum.

Plus, the great emcee, Nicki Minaj once said Starships were meant to fly. Now, Minaj is taking her words back! In a new interview, the six-time American Music Award winner admits that she hates a few of her old songs! And, move over Gwyneth Paltrow, there’s a new vagina-scented home good on the market. R&B singer Erykah Badu announced she’s got a line of vagina-scented incense for sale.