Widespread Flooding After Severe Storms

CRAMERTON, NC — The storms may have passed, but widespread flooding remains an issue for the western Charlotte metro.

A serious situation unfolding in Mt. Holly as officials say the Dutchman’s Creek bridge is under serious threat of collapse. Intense flooding has swept away the footing of the bridge supports.

In McAdenville, Highway 7 is closed until further notice due to water overtaking the road.

Portions of the downtown Cramerton area are submerged under feet of water as local buildings are being fortified with sandbags to limit the damage.

Bobby Scott, a lifelong Gaston County resident, says he’s never seen flooding as bad as what he witnessed Friday.

“It’s never been this bad,” says Scott. “It’s come up to the road a little bit, and maybe into the road a little bit. But wow, this is truly amazing.”

The South Fork Catawba River has crested at major flood stage–16 feet–enough to inundate the park and buildings behind nearby, but fortunately, conditions are expected to improve as we head into the weekend.

Local residents were stunned by what they saw.

“I did expect the flooding, and for them to close Goat Island Park because we’ve had a little bit of flooding in the past, but not to where I’ve seen it come across the road like this,” says Cramerton resident Jennifer Monroe.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen it this bad this quickly,” says Cramerton resident Cindy Massey. “It was just, instantly it started flooding everywhere.”

Downtown wasn’t the only area affected. Some residents saw the water turn their backyards into raging rapids.

One homeowner’s jeep got stuck while he tried to pull his trailer out of the water.

“I went to prom over there and I had my pictures taken,” he says. “Now it’s already underwater. You can walk on the bridge if you got across this somehow, but you can’t. It’s terrible.”