Edge On The Clock: Celebrity Face Tattoo Movement Grows

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – We told you Tuesday about the current face tattoo trend in Hollywood. In a mere 24 hours, we can report the trend is turning into a movement. Model Amber Rose got her son’s names tattooed on her forehead and now her boyfriend, Alexander “AE” Edwards, is joining her, getting the boy’s birthdays inked on his forehead as well. And rapper The Game got the number ‘8’ tattooed above his eyebrow in honor of Kobe Bryant.

Plus, KFC and Crocs have teamed up for a finger licking collaboration. The brand has unveiled two pairs of clogs that both come with chicken pin accessories. And, McDonald’s is teaming up with software company Kytch to use a new device that will be able to correct any minor malfunctions and provide workers with important information when an ice cream machine is broken.