Edge On The Clock: NASA Says No Science Behind Broomstick Challenge

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – The broomstick challenge is sweeping the internet yet again! It’s been around since at least 2012. The claim is that NASA supposedly says on a certain day, a broom can be made to stand upright on its own because of the earth’s gravitational pull. It’s not true, and NASA tweeted Tuesday that “basic physics work every day of the year” as well as “there’s no special gravity that only effects brooms.” What does make a broomstick stand up on its own are properly positioned bristles.

Plus, it seems like the hot trend in Hollywood is facial tattoos. Model Amber Rose just debuted her forehead tattoo of her children’s names: Bash and Slash. And, we are just now learning that late last month, a traveler from Beijing, China tried to bring a bag of tiny dead birds into the US. The bag was located during a search at Dulles Airport in DC.