Local Theatres And Art Non-Profits Are Struggling To Stay Open

CHARLOTTE, NC. —  Local theatres and art non-profits are struggling to stay open. Mecklenburg county residents voted down a quarter-cent tax increase to fund arts and parks. Now, the Arts and Science Council is asking County Commissioners for help.

Actor’s Theatre of Charlotte has been open since 1989. It may have to close in 45 days unless they get funding.

“We’ve got a wonderful pool of talent here. What keeps them here is work. If don’t supply the work, they go someplace else,” says executive director of the theatre Chip Decker.

Wendy Hickey is the founder of ArtPop Street Gallery. The non-profit supports artists, giving them advertising opportunities.

“Everything currently is pointing to this being our last year in Charlotte due to the lack of funding,” says Hickey.

The quarter-cent sales tax increase that voters rejected in November would have generated $22.5 million a year for the arts.

The Arts and Science Council asked County Commissioners on Tuesday for $5 million more in the upcoming budget. $1 million would go to operating support grants and $450,000 for individual artist grants. Hickey says it’s not enough.

“That’s going to make Arts and Science Council make some very difficult decisions on who they can fund when we apply for grants from them.”

The Arts and Science Council also plans to ask Charlotte City Council for $7 million in funding.

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