Rideshare Driver Opens Up About The Night Someone Shot & Killed His Passenger

CHARLOTTE, NC. —  Shattered glass, blood, bullet holes after an Uber ride turned deadly on February 2nd.

Brenton Floyd says he picked up a man and a woman on University City Boulevard. Moments later at a stoplight on Old Concord Road off WT Harris Boulevard in north Charlotte, someone pulled up next to the car and began shooting.

“My first reaction was, I’m thinking someone maybe threw something at the car. It wasn’t until she started screaming and I saw the glass. It was just a chaotic scene after that,” says Floyd.

Floyd says the car sped away and he pulled over and called 911.

“It was a traumatic experience.”

19-year-old Jacquez Moore died at the scene.  The woman with him also got shot, but is expected to be okay.

“I was in shock up until the next day and still was in shock the next day. Because I still just couldn’t understand how something like this could happen. Something so senseless.”

Three days later, CMPD arrested 28-year-old Trevor Powell. He’s facing several charges including murder and attempted murder.

State prison records show Powell is a convicted felon. Following an arrest in Mecklenburg county on drug charges in 2013.

Uber insures drivers’ vehicles, but Floyd says he had to pay a $1,000 deductible to get his car fixed.

WCCB reached out to uber to get more information but did not get a response.