Thieves Steal Thousands of Dollars Worth Of Motorbikes During Smash & Grab Burglary

CHARLOTTE, NC. —  Surveillance video shows two masked men wrap a chain around the front door of MS Powersports after they threw a brick through the glass. The other side of the chain is attached to a U-Haul. Moments later, someone else drives the truck, ripping the doors off the store on Wilkinson Boulevard in Gastonia. The suspects load the truck with motorbikes, and drives off.

This happened nearly two weeks ago just before 5am. Owner Don Willis was watching it go down from his phone at home.

“Mad, angry, sad, everything you can think of. It was like you were watching a movie almost,” says Willis.

Willis called the police and rushed to the store. The perps got away with three motorbikes. Each costing between $4,500-$6,000.

“It affects every person in this building and, plus my family and their families.”

Willis says this is the second time this has happened. In December, thieves stole five motorbikes. He believes it’s the same perps, but didn’t have cameras back then.

“When it comes back again, then you kind of hit it, you’re kind of defeated.”

Willis says this has happened to other power stores in the area. Like Winston-Salem and Hickory.

“Same thing, now I did see their video. They’re even wearing some of the same clothes. I don’t doubt that it’s the same group.”

There have been no arrests. WCCB reached out to Gaston County Police for more information, but didn’t get a response.