CMPD ACC: No Charges After Investigation Into “Troublesome” Video At Charlotte Dog Resort

The Latest(Updated 2/17/2020):

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department’s Animal Care & Control says it has completed an investigation at the Charlotte Dog Resort and is not pressing charges against the business or the employee, who allegedly abused a dog in a video circulated on Facebook.

Investigators say the dog seen in the video was examined by a veterinarian and a behaviorist and showed no signs of abuse or neglect and that there was not conclusive evidence to bring charges of animal abuse or animal cruelty against the person shown in the video.

According to Animal Care & Control, investigators determined that a dog fight had occurred at an entrance to a play area prior to the camera panning to the barking dogs, and that fact played a role in the decision not to charge the employee.  Investigators also took into account the information gathered from the person who posted the Facebook video, the business owner, and the employee who appears in the video.

The case is now closed, according to the CMPD Animal Care and Control.


The Latest (Updated 2/12/2020):

Charlotte Dog Resort has permanently shut down, effective immediately.

WCCB  TV News received this statement from the owner:

“Charlotte Dog Resort has elected to permanently cease operations, effective immediately, due to the ongoing financial performance of the company. We have reunited all pets in our possession with their owners, all employee positions have been eliminated, and we are working with the affected employees to ease their transition. Though this decision is not a direct result of the recent video posted to social media, we remain prepared to cooperate with authorities who wish to explore any concerns. Ensuring the well-being of animals has always been our primary goal. To that end, we are prepared to donate all equipment, dog bowls, and other supplies to non-profit animal shelters and dog welfare organizations who may be interested.”

The Latest (Updated 2/12/2020):

CMPD Animal Care & Control says they have initiated an investigation after they were tagged in a Facebook post showing a disturbing video taken inside the Charlotte Dog Resort.

Investigators have attempted to contact the Charlotte Dog Resort and interview the person shown in the video, who is allegedly a manager at the business, according to Animal Care & Control.

The post was shared on February 8th, and Police say on February 10th a statement was taken from the person who posted the video on Facebook.

The investigation remains active and Animal Care & Control says they will not close the case until the person in the video is interviewed and the dog shown in the video is examined by officers.

The CMPD says more information will be released as it becomes available.

Original Story:

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Run of the mill video of a dog curled up on a cot at a dog day care turns into something much different, when the video pans right to show a woman break-up a nearby disturbance by picking up one of the animals, seemingly by its neck or collar, carrying it several feet, dropping it on the ground and threatening to “break its f***ing neck.”

It happened at Charlotte Dog Resort off South Boulevard in south Charlotte last week. The woman is a supervisor at the dog day care and boarding business. And the dog she’s carrying is reportedly her own.

“She should be fired,” says Isabella Anzivino. She worked at Charlotte Dog Resort until last week, when she says she quit over what happened in the video. Anzivino says, “You should never handle a dog like that.”

She says she’s seen the woman, who WCCB isn’t naming unless police charge her with a crime, treat animals in her care poorly before. Anzivino says she didn’t speak up because she didn’t have video, until now. She says, “I’ve seen her kick a client’s dog in the face before. I’ve seen her throw a pooper scooper at a client’s dog before.”

WCCB TV News contacted the woman in the video multiple times but she has not responded.

The owner of Charlotte Dog Resort did send WCCB a statement Monday, that reads in part, “We are aware of the video…and find it troublesome and disappointing. The employee involved has been a good employee and dog caretaker and owner her whole life and this action does not reflect our experience with her as an employee. Nevertheless, we are troubled by the video…Charlotte Dog Resort has decided to suspend operations until we complete a thorough review of both our operating procedures and the personnel involved in this matter.”

Anzivino says, “I hope that something is done about this, because it’s not right. No one should handle a dog like that.”

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Animal Care and Control tells WCCB they are actively investigating this situation. Meantime, there are no longer any dogs at Charlotte Dog Resort and the owner tells WCCB there will not be until they finish their “review.”