High Country Residents Enjoy Several Inches of Snow

BLOWING ROCK, NC — It’s not exactly a redemption story by any means, but Thursday’s snow across the high country provided some solace to those suffering through a disappointing winter.

“I think people missed the snow,” says Blowing Rock resident Carlos Hernandez. “At least my friends anyway. The kids love it. They get out of school.”

“We love the snow here. Everybody goes outside and grabs their sleds. Everyone goes sledding on campus. Snowball fights,” says Appalachian State student Claudia Bare. “Today we woke up and classes were cancelled. So we’re like, let’s go to Blowing Rock and take some pictures. Honestly, the first thing that comes to mind for us as students is class being cancelled.”

“I was like, no school, automatically. One centimeter of snow–no school,” says one young skier.

“I was thrilled,” says Appalachian State student Cassie Whyte. “We haven’t gotten any snow. I’ve been waiting on it.”

While most of the roads are clear, two to four inches have piled up on grassy surfaces, perfect for snow angels.

“I like that it’s very slippery, and I can throw snowballs,” says one young Atlanta resident.

“I was really happy. I’ve been looking forward to snow for a while. We’ve been getting a lot of rain, so it was nice that it was white,” says Appalachian State student Nola Lowe.

“We’re glad that it finally snowed,” says Bare. “It’s like a winter wonderland here.”