Growing Trend In Charlotte: Micro-Apartments

CHARLOTTE, NC. —  A place to live, work and play is the growing theme in some of Charlotte’s trendiest neighborhoods. To live there, it will cost you. In neighborhoods like South End, rent has gone up 80% in the past decade.

“Here in South End apartment rents have gone up to the point where it’s very difficult to live in this location on a budget,” says the founder of My TownHome Realty TJ Larsen.

Larsen says a cheaper way to live in some of the Queen City’s hottest areas: micro-apartments.

“For those that are looking for properties that are in that $1,000-$1,800 a month range, a micro-apartment offers a great alternative for them.”

Micro-apartment units range from 350 to 550-square-feet.

“The renters are willing to compromise on size in order to get the optimal location.”

The first to try the concept is Centro RailYard on Bland street. According to their website, a 396-square-foot studio starting at $1,183 a month.

Down the street from Centro RailYard, at 1225 South Church Apartments, the cheapest is a 597- square- foot apartment starting at $1,163 a month. Post South End, a 543-square-foot one bedroom for $1,415.

According to Zillow, only two apartments in the 28203 area code are under $1,000 a month.

Larsen says micro-apartments will be a growing trend in Charlotte.

“You also have to realize that there’s savings associated by living in this area. So yes, your rents might be higher or your square footage might be lower. You walk out your front door you have transit right there. You’re hoping onto the light rail line, you’re saving in that way.”