Edge On The Clock: Woman Charged With Murder After Man Dies Inside Suitcase

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – A Florida woman named Sarah Boone is charged with murder after she left her boyfriend Jorge Torres Junior, zipped up in a suitcase. She claims the two were playing a friendly drunken game of hide and seek. But police later found videos on her phone of her taunting him and accusing him of cheating while he struggled to get out, telling her he couldn’t breathe.

Plus, since the Super Bowl 54 Halftime Show, and the Federal Trade Commission has more than 1,300 formal complaints about Shakira and Jennifer Lopez’s performance.

And, to honor the final season of the popular TV show Schitt’s Creek, people in 34 provinces, territories, and states across North America are getting license plates with the words “Ew, David” on them.