Viral Videos: Bus Driver Dances With Little Girl, Opera Singing Barista, Wine Holding Puppy


Video of a Starbucks barista singing opera is viral. The classically trained opera singer works at a Starbucks in Delaware as a second job. He says the song came about after a conversation with a customer from Italy. The video has more than 51,000 views.

The search is on for a bus driver who stopped everything to have a T-Swift dance party with an adorable little girl. The child’s mother posted the video on Facebook two years ago as they were getting off a bus in Orlando and Swift’s “Shake It Off” came on. The video is just now going viral and the girl’s mom wants Ellen or Swift to help track down the bus driver.

Video of a puppy clinching a filled-up wine glass in it’s teeth is going viral on twitter. Just what every woman wants! A personal wine holder.