Are You Making These Mistakes At The Gas Pump?

Don't make these gas pump mistakes

When you go to the gas pump to fill up your car, you probably go on autopilot. After all, it’s easy to fall into a habitual routine when it comes to a process you have to repeat on a weekly basis, if not more frequently. However, did you know that there are mistakes that you could be making at the fuel pump that could actually be putting you in danger? Toyota of N Charlotte is here to explain – make sure you’re not making these mistakes when you hit the gas pump!

N Charlotte Toyota Tips

Don’t make these errors at the gas pump

Mistake #1: “Topping off” the gas tank

Some people like to “top off” the gas tank so they can ensure they’re getting their money’s worth and fuel efficiency. However, this is a bad idea! You’ll find that when your car’s tank is full, you hear a “click” noise. This is the auto-shutoff and stops gas from flowing into your car. Adding more gas to the tank after you hear the click means you’ve overfilled your tank. Since gas expands inside the tank, it now has nowhere to go and you’ll likely find yourself with a gas leak.

Mistake #2: Getting in and out of the car while you pump

It’s also a bad idea to get in and out of your car when you’re at the gas pump (no matter how cruddy the weather is). Our N Charlotte Toyota service experts advise against this because as you get in and out of the car, you build up a static charge on your body. If this electricity passes to the fuel pump when you touch it, you run the risk of the gas igniting and causing a fire.

Mistake #3: Using your phone while at the gas pump

You should also avoid using your phone while at the pump, but not because it’ll cause a fire (it won’t). It’s just a big distraction when you should be focusing on properly and safely filling up your car’s gas tank. Put your phone away so you don’t overfill the tank, spill gasoline, or worse.


Gas Pump Mistakes

Stay safe while fueling up with these N Charlotte Toyota tips

Mistake #4: Not locking your car doors

You should always lock the doors of your N Charlotte Toyota when you’re at the gas pump. It’s very easy for thieves to sneak into the opposite side of your car and steal your belongings or worse, your car! Lock all your doors and crack the windows if you can’t close them to ensure security while you’re busy pumping fuel.

Mistake #5: Smoking while you pump

Believe it or not, some people still smoke at the gas pump. You can VERY EASILY start a fire – gasoline is highly flammable. Even a hot ash or tiny ember can ignite a dangerous fire! Put your cigarette or cigar out well before you reach the pump, and don’t light back up until you’re clear of it.

Want more tips? Call Toyota of N Charlotte! We’re open seven days a week at (704) 875-9199. Our N Charlotte Toyota service techs are happy to answer questions about all things fuel-related!

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