Preparations Underway For Coronavirus In The Charlotte Area

CHARLOTTE, NC. —  Growing coronavirus concerns after a Wake County resident tested positive for the virus. The patient traveled to  Washington State and was exposed at a long-term care facility where there is currently a coronavirus outbreak, and several people have died. The patient is said to be “doing well” and is in isolation at home. Officials will not say what airport the patient used.

Governor Roy Cooper says the state is working closely with local health departments and hospitals to identify and respond to any new cases.
“We’ve been preparing for this. And we do expect to see more cases in North Carolina,” says Governor Cooper.

Cooper created a coronavirus task force in February to help monitor, prepare for and respond to the virus. The state started testing people with symptoms of the virus on Monday.

Dr. Katie Passaretti with Atrium Health says it won’t be long before we see cases in the Charlotte area, but they are preparing. They are also working with nursing and rehab facilities in the area.

“We’re still focusing on have you traveled to certain select areas, and do you have symptoms of fever, cough, flu like illness at the points of entry,” says Dr. Passarett.

Brent Cagle is the Aviation Director for Charlotte- Douglas Airport. He says they have a communicable disease plan and are working with stakeholders.

“We’re monitoring the situation and we’re working together so that when the time comes and if the time comes we’re all prepared and understand what response needs to happen,” says Cagle.

The Dioceses of Charlotte is also taking precautions. Telling priests not to use community chalices, and stopping handshaking during services.

The city of Charlotte says it is working with county and state health departments.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools is reminding students and staff to wash their hands, and having custodians make sure supplies are stocked.