President Donald Trump Talks To WCCB’s Morgan Fogarty About Super Tuesday, Coronavirus, And The Democrats’ Push Around Biden

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Before he stepped on stage for a rally at Bojangles’ Coliseum, President Donald Trump spoke with WCCB News @ Ten anchor Morgan Fogarty. She asked him, “Why is it important to be in Charlotte the night before Super Tuesday?” The President answered, “Well, I’ve been down here a lot. It’s been a lucky state for me. It’s been a great state, and a lot of friends, and we have a tremendous rally. We had 56,000 people asked to come, and I guess we have whatever it holds, 15,000. It’s gonna be a great evening.”

Secret Service tells WCCB the venue was at capacity Monday night, with 9,600 people inside, and approximately a thousand people who watched from the parking lot.

Fogarty asked the president a series of questions about coronavirus concerns, including whether there is any discussion at this point about how the coronavirus could potentially impact the Republican National Convention, which will be in Charlotte. Trump answered, “I think we’re doing a really good job. We’re getting very high marks on it. We’re getting high poll numbers, believe it or not, for the way we’ve been handling it. Today, I met with big pharmaceutical companies back in DC, and they’re really looking to do something. Pfizer, and Johnson and Johnson, and all, and they have a, sort of a thing that’s going to work miracles. I think you’re going to see some really tremendous things happening, plus we shut down our borders very early to China and to various other places, and we’re doing really well. I think we’re going to see a very good result out of it. It’s rough, it’s always rough, but you’re going to see a very good result. We’ve handled it well.”

Fogarty asked, “I know that you urged today for expediency when it comes to developing a vaccine. Do you have a time frame in mind personally when you’d like to see a vaccine on the market?” Trump replied, “The companies are the best in the world, and they’re working on it, and they think they’re pretty close to having it. They have to test it, and by the time you’ve tested it, it’s next season, and maybe a little bit beyond next season, but it’ll be soon. But they have other things that they can help, I guess I’d use the word cure it, fix it, help people out so they get, if they have it, they get better, and they’re looking to do that, and I think they’re going to be able to do it. Great companies. We spent a lot of time with them today. So,…the vaccine will come shortly thereafter.”

Fogarty asked, “The Dow rallied today, despite a correction last week. Do you have any concerns about future corrections at this point?” The president answered, “You don’t know what it is. I mean the country is so strong financially. The people have never had more money because of our tax cuts and our regulation cuts, and all of the things we’ve done. The consumer is loaded up with a lot of money. $10,000 per family per year, if you add it all up, and nobody ever thought they could see a thing like that. A lot of that had to do with the tax cuts, the regulation cuts, and various other things we’ve done. So, we’re in very good shape. I guess today was almost 1,300 points, it was the largest point gain in history, I believe. So that was a good, a lot of that back in one day. So that was great. The greatest in history. It’s great.”

Fogarty asked, “Have any of your personal habits changed due to coronavirus concerns?” The president replied, “Probably not so much. I like to wash my hands as much as possible, and I just shook hands with a whole lot of people back there, they were lined up for a long way, but, you know, i love the people. People are, they’re special. There’s such spirit, there’s such spirit for what we’re doing, and for, you know, what we’ve done, and that’s why we have the kind of crowds now. Now, (I) wash my hands as often as possible. That’s what they say. If you’d like to tell (people), wash those hands, and they do that, probably, anyway. Fogarty asked, “What would you say people who are buying up these medical masks who are healthy people, now experts are saying, please don’t do that, because health professionals and sick people need to have access to those masks.” The president replied, “You know, we now have millions of masks. We had, as of yesterday, 43 million masks. That’s a lot. But a lot of people, and they say, you shouldn’t wear them unless you’re really a hospital worker or really, it’s actually a negative to wear them, almost, because you’re touching them all the time. So, they actually say, don’t do it. It’s actually counterproductive. But we have a tremendous amount of medical equipment now, including masks.”

On the heels of the fall out from the “first in the south” South Carolina primary, Fogarty asked the president this: “What is your opinion that we’re seeing today in the fallout from the South Carolina primary? The strategy that it looks like moderate Democrats are adopting, in terms of dropping out of the race early and closing right behind (Former Vice President Joe) Biden. It seems like they’re taking a lesson from what you went through in 2016, in terms of having to fight within the GOP. In particular, I’m thinking of (Sen. Ted) Cruz and (Gov. John) Kasich hanging on in the race. Do you think that they’re taking a lesson from what you had to go through?” Trump replied, “No, I don’t think they’re doing that. But I do think they are getting together, they’re colluding, more or less, to get, you know, to take advantage of the Bernie situation. If you look at what happened, I guess two of them got out, one last night, one today, and they both supported Biden, and it looks like they’re ganging up on Bernie Sanders, and we’ll see what happens. But, yeah, they all tried it with me, but it didn’t work out so well.”

Voters in North Carolina vote Tuesday in the primary election.