Edge On The Clock: Bloomberg Busted For Double Dipping After Licking His Fingers!

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg is spreading awareness while on the campaign trail, along with his germs. While at an event in Virginia, Bloomberg takes a bite out of food from the staff tables, licks his fingers, and goes back for more! Does he not know that cold and flu season is amongst us?!

Plus, singer, songwriter, and producer Pharrell Williams is the butt of the jokes for putting his Beverly Hills mansion on the market for $17 million. Critics say it looks like a community college, an “expensive 1990’s shopping center,” and an airport terminal.

And, FOX news analyst Brit Hume is also being made fun of on social media after he posted a screenshot of election betting odds. He forgot to close all of his browser tabs, though, before he took the screen shot. Titillated Twitter users discovered one the websites he had open was marked “sexy vixen vinyl.”