Neighbors Taking Crime Into Their Own Hands With License Plate Readers

MATTHEWS, NC.– Charlie Clayton knew something had to be done after a series of break-ins in his Matthews neighborhood.

“I think it’s important to be proactive just for your own well being and safety and peace of mind,” says Clayton.

The Wellington Woods HOA President did some digging and found Flock Safety. Their cameras capture multiple still photos of vehicles as they pass by a camera. The HOA installed a camera at the entrance of the neighborhood in 2017. Clayton and another neighbor have access. They share photos of vehicles that may be connected to suspicious activity with police.

“Gives you the license plate, the build, make, color. First time captured. So this tells you it’s the first time in and out of the neighborhood.”

According to the company, 12 neighborhoods in the greater Charlotte area use the system. A spokesperson tells WCCB the company helps solve two crimes a day across the country.

Clayton says more neighborhoods should consider it.

“You have some ammunition to use to get to the perpetrators. I feel like, no one wants to be violated.”