50% Of Americans Look At Their Partner’s Phones: Do You Think That’s Okay?

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – A shocking new study from Whistle Out suggests a lot of you may be more willing to invade your significant other’s privacy by going through their phones if it means you get answers! The study says 50 percent of Americans have gone through their significant other’s phones. It also shows that 48 percent of women think that snooping is okay, and 31 percent of men think it’s not.

Our question of the night: is snooping ever acceptable?

We sent WCCB News Edge correspondent Yamaris Polanco to South End to ask people what they think about snooping through their partner’s phones. Click the video above to watch their very revealing answers!

This episode’s panel features:
WCCB TV’s Morgan Fogarty
WCCB News Edge contributor Ashley Anderson
WCCB News reporter Alex Elich
Fox Sports Charlotte radio host and comedian QCB