The Snark: A Low Scoring Fiancé, Bad Viral Video Challenge, Nasty Beer Mug, Fridge Madness, a Hot Pig, and a New Collaboration

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On 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days we check out a first night with a low score and a shopping trip with a stressed sweaty fiancé.

Well as if most social media challenges weren’t bad enough, now it is the new coronavirus social media challenge.

On The Busch Family Brewed  we meet family friend that will drink his beer in just about anything.

There may not be a March Madness on the basketball court this year but the employees at WCCB have created their own version…thanks to the breakroom fridge.

A pig starts a fire on a farm in England thanks to the pig ejecting his Fitbit.

IKEA and Pizza Hut are partnering up.

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