Community Spread Continues To Be A Concern In Mecklenburg County

CHARLOTTE, NC. — Senior Pastor Brian Carn posted a video on YouTube, citing the Bible for why Kingdom City Church members continue to come to worship.  One of the churches is in Charlotte on Dr. Carver Road. WCCB called the church and messaged Carn on Instagram with no response.

“As you see the ends of the world coming upon us, that we are to go to church more. That we’re not to forsake the assembling of ourselves together,” says Carn on the video.

Antioch International Church in Fort Mill isn’t turning people away. WCCB spoke to someone who works at the church on the phone. They say they are taking precautions, like sanitizing, distancing and canceling children’s church.

WCCB asked the Mecklenburg County Health Director why church’s don’t have to follow the federal gathering guidelines.

“In talking with our legal department and considering the implications the decision was made not to include churches. We have reached out to them and we’ve talk to them about social distancing. I know a number of them are doing video services and looking at other ways,” says County Health Director Gibbie Harris.

Community spread continues to be a concern in Mecklenburg County. Governor Roy Cooper announcing North Carolina has it’s first case of community spread in Wilson county. Even though Harris said we had community spread earlier this week.

“Our state lab has now confirmed our first case due to community spread, in Wilson County,” says Governor Roy Cooper.

Harris says she’s not sure whey there is a discrepancy.

Harris says when there’s a positive test, they investigate and find out where the person has been and notify those who are at risk.

The county has a finalized lease agreement for a hotel for the homeless if they need to be quarantined or isolated.

Also, the county opened seven sites for childcare for first responders and those in health care providers.